An unforgettable experience

Life at St George

The learning culture at St. George International Teacher Training Institute makes the lives of our students memorable and exciting. Students are given the opportunity to engage in extra-curricular activities to let them enjoy the journey at St. George International Teacher Training Institute when following their Teaching Diploma in Sri Lanka. Moreover, we not only teach theoretical lessons but also the life to create a fully-fledged person who is able to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Workshops at St George

Through our extensive experience of the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and motivation required by would-be employers both in the State and Private sector, St George offers effective and professional Career Guidance in assisting students to gain employment opportunities based on their skills and ambitions.

Career Guidance

We host a number of workshops and training courses at our premises. Each event uses innovative and hands-on methods – from brief presentations by subject matter experts to small group exercises which actively engage students in their own learning. Such approaches not only increase a student’s knowledge and skills, but also provide the opportunity for participants to network with each other while sharing best practices and lessons learned.


To facilitate networking and fellowship, St. George International Teacher Training Institute has a number of student clubs and societies that allow students to engage with one another in a meaningful manner on matters beyond the classroom. St. George International conducts numerous partnerships with AISEC of University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka.

Club and Societies

Seminars on Classroom Management and other training skills are regularly held at St. George, conducted by our most experienced academics along with leading guest speakers from the Teacher Training field.

Student Training Opportunities