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By sidestepping the so-called educational patterns, St George Teacher Training Institute has marched to the 21st successive year by creating professional teachers to the world by awarding a profound and productive training to serve the upcoming generations as genuine teachers.


With a frank innate ability to produce well-structured teachers, practical knowledge, disciplined religious harmony, and honest aspirations would read the greater human mind. Accordingly, SGTTI’s various courses lead to the realization of balanced personality development and updated knowledge-based teaching experience. This integration would bless the students who want to redecorate their future.


It is vibrant that SGTTI engaged in a great social mission to produce honored and ethical teachers for a sustainable society. This gigantic task is carried out by a full-flagged lecture panel in a sophisticated learning environment, with the pure blessings of God and organized management, which go through the narrowest, even deep-seated confines of the commercial world.


With the blessings and glory, I wish SGTTI to open the gateways to sustain itself in the industry as the recognizable place of creating skilled and cultured teachers to the world.


May the generations of the great teachers be created with piety!


Rev Fr. Thilakasiri Fernando.