Dr Gerard A.M. Fernando (JP) F.R.C.P. (MA) PhD
President - All Ceylon Union of Teachers (A.C.U.T.)

The many teacher training institutes that come up today, with no proper guidelines, fail to understand the true mechanism and believe children needs to be told what to do and how to act. Indeed, this is very erroneous thinking. SGTTI has broken free from this wrongful understanding and encourages teachers to be a facilitator, not a dictator. During the past years, St. George Teacher Training Institute has done an excellent job at training teachers with this apprehension and all the skills and knowledge required to achieve excellence.

Many teachers serving in schools here in Sri Lanka and abroad are proving that success. The many children who will prosper into victorious adults at their hands are even greater proof of our achievements. The trainers at this institution, under the guidance of Rev. Stanley Peiris, should be venerated for the untiring services they provide. I wish to thank wholeheartedly, the commendable individuals who contribute to the progress of St. George International Teacher Training Institute and wish them great future success. Children are our future; it is our purpose to create a better world for them.


Dinesha Fernando
From Australia

What was great about studying in SGTTI for me was the individual basis, in which the lecturers approached classes, which made learning much easier. The lecturers are really involved with the students and genuinely interested in seeing you do well. I really loved the course; it was so interesting throughout the time at SGTTI. The life there was the best part! It was really easy to make friends and there is just a great atmosphere around the college.


Dilini James Wijesekara
From Australia

Studying at St George Teacher Training Institute was a life-changing experience. From the very beginning, it taught me step by step to time myself, to think in a creative and present it in an attracting way and also to be patience to do small things. This experience has given me confidence and strength to achieve something that I use to believe as impossible. When I applied for a teaching post they were pleased to see what I have done at my Teacher Training Centre and after observing me they liked the way I presented the lesson. I am happy to see myself today as a teacher who is educating small children in an effective way.


Vijani Lakmali Fernando
From Australia

මම මෙම පාඨමාලවට කිසිදු මූලික දැනුමකින් තොරව සම්බන්ධ වී Montessori ක්‍රමය පිළිබදවත්, එයට අදාල ඉගැන්වීමේ උපකරණ භාවිතා කරන ආකාරය පිළිබදවත් ඉතා උසස් දැනුමක් ලබා ගත්තෙමි. SGTTI ආයතනයේ ගුරුවරු හොදින් අපගේ කාලය කළමනාකරණය කර ගනිමින් නිවැරදි දේ ඉගෙනීමට අපිව යොමු කරන ලදී. මම ඉතා සතුටින් මෙම පාඨමාලාව සාර්ථකව නිම කර අද ඕස්ට්‍රේලියාවේ රැකියාවක් කරමි.


Shirani Mangalika
From Italy

SGTTI ආයතනයේ කථිකාචාර්යවරුන් විසින් පවත්වනු ලබන පන්ති හරහා විවිධ ඉගැන්වීම් ක්‍රම පිළිබදව ප්‍රබල අදහසක් ලබා ගත්තෙමි. ගුරුවරියක් ලෙස සේවය කිරීමේදී ආත්ම විශ්වාසය, සදාචාරාත්මක බව, සියුම් ඉගැන්වීමේ ක්‍රම, දරුවන් නිරීක්ෂණය කරමින් ඔවුන්ගේ විවිධ හැකියාවන් හදුනා ගන්නා ආකාරය ආදිය පිළිබදව හසල දැනුමක් ලබා ගතිමි. මෙහි වැඩසටහන් සියල්ල උසස් ප්‍රමිතියකින් යුක්ත වේ.


Ann Prasadini Fernando
From Italy

සියලුම සිසුන් සදහා හොද පුහුණුවක් ලබා දීම සදහා SGTTI ආයතනයට මගේ අවංක ස්තූතිය ප්‍රකාශ කරමි. පාඨමාලාව හරිම රසවත් වගේම මම ගොඩක් දැනුම ලබා ගත්තා. ඔවුන් ගුරුවරුන් ලෙස පමණක් නොව, අපේ දක්ෂතා වර්ධනය කර ගැනීම සදහා විශිෂ්ඨ මාර්ගෝපදේශකයින් විය. ඔවුන් ඉතා කාරුණික හා මිත්‍රශීලීව කරුණාවන්ත වචන භාවිත කරමින් ඉවසීම සහ දැනුම හුවමාරු කරගැනීමේ අත්දැකීම් මට ලබා දුන්නා. මා හදවතින්ම SGTTI ආයතනයට ස්තූතිවන්ත වෙනවා.


P. Marian Ruwanthi Fernando
Teacher at St. John Paul ll Cambridge College Chilaw Diocese Wennappuwa

Actually St. George International Teacher Training Institute changed my life alot. We know the world is developing day by day and as teachers we have to update.. Here, the teaching techniques are amazing. I learnt so many teaching methods.. Not only to my career and also to my life. This International Institute converted us into Quality and qualified teachers. Thank you so much to Mrs. Roshani and the staff. May god bless you all.


Mrs. Manjula

I started doing this diploma in my spare time to keep myself busy and to find my passion again. At first, I had trouble motivating myself to carry on with it and I faced multiple difficulties during this time. However, with the never-ending encouragement and support from our principal, Mrs. Roshani, and with the guidance of the talented and incredible lecturers and staff, I finally completed the diploma. The diploma offered different opportunities for us to help us shape our personalities such as seminars, trip, and activities. This diploma changed my life in a significant manner and gave me what I was looking for and more. I will always treasure the experiences I gained and the valuable relationships I’ve made. And now I can work as a preschool teacher anywhere in the world! I am eternally grateful to everyone who helped me along the way.


Miss Anjali Nimasha

Best teacher training institute This institute teaches almost everything about the life. Teachers from this institute are always become very sussesful because they teach us with the best technology and knowledge


Mrs Manori Raj

Those who have a dream to become a Montessori or preschool teacher, ST. Georage International Teacher Training Institute is a well-recognized training center for them. It is a blend of AMI and preschool methods. It was an amazing experience for me to see my sister's art and crafts, different projects and assessments she did during her training period.


Miss Gayathri Russel

It was a life changing decision that l took to be a part of St. George International Teacher Training Institute. who am I now is all because of the Lessons, Assessments and Training I got from the Institute. I got to know how wonderful my Pre school teaching career would be after completing my Training period and became a successful Montessori Teacher at St.George International Montessori with the best guidance from my principal. And Finally I have achieved my life goal and currently I live in USA. I would like to recommend our St.George International Teacher Training Institute for any one who would like to become a Successful Teacher


Mrs Shiromi Priyanka

I am a teacher of a famous school in Negombo. I started my job career as a teacher with the precious experiences which I gained from SGTTI. This institute is a place where thousands of teachers are presented to the nation. I am also a successful teacher who gained a successful and completed training from the Institute.

I completed City & Guilds specialist advanced diploma and I was able to participate many training camps and seminars during the learning period. if you are willing to become a good teacher, join in hands with SGTTI.


Bernard Daniel

it's best institute. My daughter also studying in this institute. she always telling its have excellent teaching methods and very good discipline. May God bless you


Dilnesha Fernando

Best 👌teacher training institute in Sri Lanka good place and friendly environment to become a professional and qualified teacher. So I would like to thanks my teacher Mrs. Roshani perera and St.George staff for helped me to achieved the target. I’m proud to be a georgian. Good luck

20-years-of-excellence 20-years-of-excellence