Diploma in Montessori teacher training is an internationally recognized advanced program. The training will train you in both theoretical and practical approaches of Montessori teaching methods as well as you will learn to present the learning materials to students and how to convey specific learning through these materials.

Course Type

Full Time


1 Year



Entry Requirements

G.C.E O/L including a credit pass for English.


Montessori 3–6 Classroom Guide
  • Dr. Montessori and the Montessori method
  • Sensitive periods, planes of development, absorbent mind
  • Growth and development
  • The Montessori materials
  • Presenting lessons the Montessori way
  • Organizing a Montessori classroom
  • The typical day
  • Work periods and normalization
  • The role of the teacher
  • Parental involvement
  • Information and resources for new graduates

Practical Life and Sensorial

Montessori Practical Life Manual
  • Preliminary activities and body movement
  • Care of self
  • Care of the environment
  • Grace and courtesy

Sensorial Manual
  • Sensitive periods and the senses
  • The development of the sensorial materials
  • Characteristics and benefits of the sensorial materials
  • Sensorial activities and methods of presentation
  • The three-period lesson
  • Nomenclature Cards
  • Visual activities
  • Tactile activities
  • Auditory activities
  • Olfactory activities

Language and Math

Language Arts Manual
  • Oral language activities build a wide range of skills, and focus on vocabulary enrichment, language training, visual discrimination, sounds games, and classification
  • An outline of the natural development of writing before reading, fostering the development of fine motor skills, and facilitating sound consciousness
  • Presenting Montessori language materials and activities, including the Sound Pouches and Games, Metal Insets, Sandpaper Letters, and Movable Alphabet
  • Implementing a sequential phonetic reading program, including comprehensive materials for the Pink Material, Blue Material, Green Material, action words, and sight words
  • Materials and activities that introduce and reinforce the parts of speech, including nouns, articles, adjectives, conjunctions, prepositions, verbs, and adverbs
  • Encouraging and supporting creative writing

Mathematics Manual
  • The history of mathematics
  • Presenting mathematics activities
  • Number Rods and Number Cards
  • Sandpaper Numbers
  • Spindle Boxes and Math Step Board
  • Decimal System Bead Material
  • Change (Bank) Game
  • Ten, Teen and Hundred Boards
  • Stamp Game
  • Short Bead Stair
  • Snake Game
  • Skip Counting with Short and Long Chains

Culture and Science

Culture and Science Manual
  • Cosmic education and peace in early childhood
  • Montessori activities such as circle time, the three-period lesson, matching Nomenclature Cards, and exploring the nature table
  • Geography – explores physical and cultural geography with Montessori Globes, Land and Water Forms, Puzzles Maps, and Flags of the World
  • History – explores the passage of time and appreciates personal history by examining birthdays, personal timelines, family trees, and the changing seasons
  • Zoology – explores living and non-living things, differences between plants and animals, caring for classroom animals, and the five classes of animals
  • Botany – explores the role and purpose of plants in the world. This child centered curriculum introduces the plant and its parts using live plants
  • Science – exciting, hands-on experiments provide active participation with trial and error, exploring natural laws such as magnetism, buoyancy, evaporation, chemical reactions, and light and color

Child Psychology

  • Introduction to psychology
  • Psychology and preschool teacher
  • Factors affecting child development
  • Child development theories
  • Physical development
  • Parental development
  • Physical development of preschool teacher
  • Perception
  • Cognitive/ intelligence development
  • Children with special needs

Preschool Method

  • Principles of preschool education
  • Language development
  • Development of creative and manipulative skills
  • Development of mathematical skills
  • Exploring the environment
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Child development
  • Caring for children
  • Personality development of children
  • Moral development of children
  • Early childhood education and care
  • Event planning/organizing and curricular planning
  • Personality development of children
  • Family & Others
  • Behaviour management
  • Physical development of infants of toddles
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